Review games with pictures instead of words. Because with pictures you can see more in each potential game.


These pictures that I am posting on contains images with spoilers. If you don’t want to ruin your gaming experience of a specific game that you are currently playing, you should wait, play the game and come back. Don’t say I didn’t WARN you!


RUSA Odyssey

By ZussMan & Wawarina

Short Game Description:

RUSA Odyssey is a third-person exploration game set in the post-apocalypse world. Alone, a deer journeys to the unknown mysterious world and finds its way to The End. Discover stories along the way.

– Steam achievements: 11 out of 17 (64 procent)
– Play time: +2 hours
– Released date: 28 July 2023


By Free Lives

Short Game Description:

Terra Nil is an intricate environmental strategy game about transforming a barren wasteland into a thriving, balanced ecosystem. Bring life back to a lifeless world by purifying soil, cleaning oceans, planting trees, and reintroducing wildlife, then leave without a trace.

– Steam achievements: 3 out of 17 (17 procent)
– Play time: 6.9 hours 
– Released date: 28 March 2023


By Insomniac Games & Nixxes Software

Short Game Description:

In Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, the worlds of Peter Parker and Spider-Man collide in an original action-packed story. Play as an experienced Peter Parker, fighting big crime and iconic villains in Marvel’s New York. Web-swing through vibrant neighborhoods and defeat villains with epic…

– My PS4 achievements: 48 out of 51 (88 procent)
– Play time: 36 hours 
– Released date: 7 September 2018

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