About me

I am Roxanna Stefaniuc Fabiola and I am an IndieDev since May 2021 and a gamer since year 2001.

Playing games was my childhood hobby and still is. And when PS4 came out, I started to make screenshots. Nintendo Switch has that option too! 

I appreciate the games that I have played and I like to support them (AAA games and indie games) and share the world how amazing they are!

What is "Pictures With Vulpoaica?

First of all, “Vulpoaica” means Vixen in English. That’s why you see a vixen next to my logo. It’s a Romanian word.

I made this website to show the world what games I have played on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam and show the screenshots how the game looks like.

I think showing screenshots from a game is more powerful than explaining in words or sometimes a long gameplay video.

I hope that you will find a game here on my website and find your answer if you will try it or not.

Thank you for visiting “Pictures With Vulpoaica” and have fun gaming!

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