By PlatinumGames

Posted on: 1 september 2022

Short Game Description:

The few survivors of a massive global disaster gather together in a futuristic megacity. Now it’s your job to protect them against otherworldly invaders–but you’re not alone as a member of a special police task force equipped with sentient armaments called Legions.

– ONLY on Nintendo Switch
– Play time: +30 hours
– Released date: 30 August 2019

My opinion about this game

This game has a lot of Sci-Fi in it! With amazing story and lots of action in the game (fightning monsters). The game is never boring and every 20 mins something happens and you have to change your style of fighning or do something else. The ending blew my mind, what a twist! I had good time playing this game! I recommend people that have a Nintendo Switch to try this game too! You won’t regret it!

My Rating: I Love It! <3

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