By Prideful Sloth

Posted on: 2 October 2022

Short Game Description:

Grow your own worlds and nurture a deep natural connection with everything they hold. See your actions change the world for better! Bring the Evertree back to life in this breathtaking world-crafting sandbox, with life management and adventure elements.

– My Steam achievements: 19 out of 22 (86 procent)
– Play time: 44 hours
– Released date: 16 November 2021

My opinion about this game

I wanted to find a cute relaxing game on Steam. And I saw this one during Summer Sale. I read the positive comments to see how the game is. There is no enemy in the game to fight. So I hesitated if the game will be good without fighting monsters or creatures. How they made the game was very unique and cute! Everything was so cute and the hole time I would say “aaaawwwww that’s so cute! The worlds you create, clean it and see magical animals and bugs, helping people in the city and building your own towns. That’s an amazing idea! And the game made me want to cry at the end… The story was heartbreaking and very good. Don’t forget to try with headphones because it felt like everything was real. Every object and creatures made a sound. Just try it! It’s amazing!

My Rating: I Like It! <3

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