Guidance By Black And White

This game is in development and I am working on this one to finish it by this year or next year. I am showing you step by step how I am developing this game. It’s 10 days I was on Unity Editor since 1st of February 2023. 

I see lots of positive feedback on social media from my indie devs community, friends and my mother. The gamedesign and style is different that Where Is Here: New Home.

Can’t wait to finish this game too. This will be a big game. Proximus 5 hours gameplay long or more. Depends how it goes. An big world with many beautiful sceneries in the forest. Sunrise, day, sunset and night time. More ideas I can’t share yet because I am still brainstorming and thinking to compete with my story.

Game Description

Guidance By Black And White is in development. Release date unknown. More details will come.

List During Development skills And Reviews From Players and Indiedev friends


  • Performances will be used again from what I have learned in Where Is Here: New Home.
  • Using techniques from Once Upon A Time During A Mysterious Winter for high FPS because it’s Standard Render Pipeline.
  •  Many people like this style so I am happy about it. 
  • In this game I will learn Third-Person controller for a 3D character.
  • Make the map bigger than ever. So the player feels the world is big and full of life.
  • Learned about animation to make, import animations from Adobe Mixamo to a 3D human character, animation triggers.
  • Healing and damage health bar coding.
  • Use Tween functions.
  • Using particle system effect and triggering it.
  • Made human avatars for animation humanoid.
  • Using blend tree in animator.
  • Adding gamepad and keyboard option to play in the game.
  • Using Arrays for audioclips.


  • New paid Unity assets are not for URP compatible. 
  • Performance will be higher than New Home for graphics. Need to keep the game above 30 FPS or 60 FPS. 
  •  Some assets with 3D characters or object doesn’t have animations, so I need to import one from a 3rd party Adobe Mixamo or make it myself.
  • Learning moderate coding with this game, it will longer time to make this game.

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