By Manic Hyena

Posted on: 16 March 2023

Short Game Description:

It’s winter and cats are still outside. Cold and alone. Find them and bring them home. Now includes free Christmas Isles. Enjoy!

– Steam achievements: 7 out of 8 (87 %).
– Play time: 3 hours.
– Released date: 22 March 2018

My opinion about this game

I had this game for free from Game Dev Unlocked since year 2021. And this year I tried the game in January 2023 when it as cold and cosy warm in my room to try out this game. And it was cute and interesting. A new mechanic in the game to find objects and take your time and relax. The camera moving to fast made me nausea. But otherwise its all good. 

My Rating: Relaxing <3

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