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Posted on: 29 October 2022

Short Game Description:

Impious Pumpkins is a cute/spooky real time tactics game where you take control of your own ghostly army to defend their resting places from hordes of evil pumpkins!

– My Steam achievements: 8 out of 17 (47 procent)
– Play time: 4.9 hours
– Released date: 14 December 2021

My opinion about this game

Halloween vibe came to be this year to finish this game. It was a nice experience. Like a strategy game. I played a lot of strategy games when I was a kid but this one was different and fun. I upgraded my warriors and used them in all my levels to defeat the pumpkins. There is warriors, archery and mages to use to fight and upgrade in the game aginst the pumpkins. I would recommend to try this game during Halloween.

And there will be another game made on Steam by the same Indiedeveloper that made this game but it’s totally different. An adventurous pirate game! Wishlist now!
Tide of Thieves.

My Rating: I Like it! <3

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