"Once Upon A Time During A Mysterious Winter"

This was my third game on itch.io and published in the month January 2023. I wanted to join the winter jam but they only accepted 2D, so I continue making this small game to learn my mistakes and test out the new assets on Unity.

– a small relaxing game for all ages!

I received some good donations too! Thank you!

CHECK OUT my game still AVAILABLE on itch.io and have fun playing it!

Game Description

Once Upon A Time During A Mysterious WInter A first-person exploration and relaxing game for all ages to play. You will walk around in a mysterious winter. During the game, you will have to do something. Calming colors and nice scenery to enjoy.

Gameplay time: between 15 – 30 mins.

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DONATIONS On itch.io (dollars)

List During Development skills And Reviews From Players and Indiedev friends


  • Added walking sound in the snow for the self made first-person game object.
  • Unity version 2019 (devlog click here).
  • Made prefabs for interactive objectives.
  • Sound based on speakers and can adjust by lowering the volume in Windows, not in the game.
  • Add visible walls and hills so the player thinks the map is big and doesn’t see the edge.
  • Players liked the music (devlog click here).
  • Used free sounds in the game (devlog click here).
  • Added mini map in the game so you can find all objectives to interact (YouTube video from a YouTuber click here).
  • Visual scripting is less messy and more organized and learned my mistakes.
  • Learned how to play and stop particle system with playmaker.
  • Made main menu and pause menu in the game.
  • Winter theme in the game.
  • improved visuals with new Unity assets (paid).
  • Players, indiedevs, friends and my mother were impressed with new game design style.
  • Relaxing walking simulator (devlog click here).
  • Learned a little more about animation trigger.
  • Dialogs will activate but don’t need to stop the player moving because other interactive objects are far away.
  • Directly do every performance steps while changing or adding something in the scene. And save it in the prefabs too.
    • Performance learned from New Home added in this game too.
  • Fixing bugs were much easier to see or understand.
  • Kept low quality in the game project settings.
  • FPS between 35 – 85.
  • The things I didn’t know in Where Is Here: New Home, I learned in this game to fix it or to understand it.
  • Had nice reviews about the game. So I am glad. Thank you.


  • Standard Render Pipeline used in the game.
  • Still need to learn about animation and animator 3D in the next game.
  • Font is not readable in the subtitle box (wanted to add snow effect in the font).
  • When running, players would like to press only once on left shift to run instead of holding left shift to run.
  • Marketing wasn’t easy again to post or share on social media.
  • Launch was an success by very generous donations (thank you!) but not many downloads for a very small price (devlog click here).
  • Need to learn more about marketing the game the right way and how.


Graphic view for a year (Views, Downloads, Donations)

Why making this game?

I made this next game because I wanted to join the winter game jam on itch.io in December 2022 but I forgot that they only accept 2D adventure or visual novels video games. So I continue this game to fix my problems that I had with Where Is Here: New Home. So the next big game will be much easier to understand and scripting it. I had a lot of fun making this game. It took me 3 weeks and I started on 26 December 2022 and finished in January 2023. The new Unity assets (paid and free ones) were fun to use it. Very different style than Where Is Here: New Home.

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