By ZussMan & Wawarina

Posted on: 12 January 2024

Short Game Description:

RUSA Odyssey is a third-person exploration game set in the post-apocalypse world. Alone, a deer journeys to the unknown mysterious world and finds its way to The End. Discover stories along the way.

– Steam achievements: 11 out of 17 (64 procent)
– Play time: +2 hours
– Released date: 28 July 2023

My opinion about this game

I wanted to play this game because you can play as a deer. The environment felt really real and the graphics and mechanics was very good. It’s a student like me from “Game Dev Unlocked”. I loved how the creators were very creative and didn’t copy the idea of our mentor. I can’t wait for upcoming future games from there creators. This one was a really good one. Don’t forget this game is an exploration calming game but mysterious too.

My Rating: I Love It! <3

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