The One Before The Chosen One

This game is in development. This is my first 2D game because I am still busy drawing new ideas for this game. The culture is based in Romania in Transylvania. They have amazing things.

I had good reviews for my deer and fox on Imgur.

I don’t know when this game will be finished. Hopefully next year.


Game Description

The One Before the Chosen One is in development. Release date unknown. More details will come.

List During Development skills And Reviews From Players and Indiedev friends


  • Using Spine animation 2D in the game.
  • Making many grass colors in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Yes, I am drawing this 2D game in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Based on the culture in Romania in Transylvania with my idea mixed.
  • I shared my work in twitter and Imgur and I had good reviews about it.


  • I still didn’t use visual scripting with Spine yet. Curious if it will work.
  • Game still in development and stopped for awhile because I have no idea what I need to draw extra. How the mechanics will be in the game and how will the game play. Need more time to think for an idea.
  • Need to improve my animation 2D skills.

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