By Naughty Dog

Posted on: 3 December 2023

Short Game Description:

Jump into the perilous journey that kick-started the legendary escapades of Nathan Drake. Hunt for the lost treasure of El Dorado, with the help of courageous journalist Elena Fisher and Drake’s mentor and friend Victor “Sully” Sullivan.

Enjoy peerless storytelling from the team at Naughty Dog, as you race to discover the fabled city of gold before your ruthless enemies.

– My Steam achievements: 14 out of 46 (22 procent)
– Play time: 10 hours
– Released date: 19 November 2007

My opinion about this game

I played this game because I saw some videos on YouTube with famous streamers playing this game too. I wanted to try so after watching 20 minutes of gameplay. I bought it for myself. It was an amazing game but at the end it felt like a horror game. I don’t like creepy stuff but I mastered my anxiety while playing until the end. It was great. And since then, I played every Uncharted game. It felt like an Indiana Jones movies. I have played it on PlayStation 4 console.

My Rating: I Like It! <3

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