By James Smart

Posted on: 18 August 2022

Short Game Description:

Time is locked. As an interstellar being, you must visit the 4 seasons of Earth and get time running again. Collect items, uncover secrets and right the wrongs in the universe!

2nd game “Blue Sky on Mars (Journey to the red planet and enjoy a cosmic Sci-Fi adventure!

– My Steam achievements: 25 out of 35
– Play time: 3.6 hours
– Released date: 18 June 2021

My opinion about this game

This is my second full Indie game I have played in the year 2021. During learning and working on my game “Where Is Here: New Home“, I was playing this game. It helped me a lot to play every day a little. It was very calming and amazing sceneries to see. Every corner was beautiful. I love the summer scene. It felt like a real untouched forest. If you want to find something calm, beautiful and collecting game. This is the one to try it out! I am a fan of his work. He made a second game on Steam “Island of the Lost“. That was a good game too! Check them both out!

My Rating: I love it! <3

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