"Where Is Here?"

This was my first game FREE on itch.io and published in the month May 2021. I learned what “Game Dev Unlocked” offered us to learn and it was a lot of fun. I didn’t expect people liking it so much! The most common reactions was:

– Nice visuals
– Good sounds
– Good music combination

I received some good donations too! Thank you!

CHECK OUT my FREE game still AVAILABLE on itch.io and have fun playing it!

Game Description

Where Is Here? is a first-person exploration game set in an unknown world. I crashed landed on a unknown world and I don’t know where I am. Four small satellites are enough to send SOS signals to someone near by to locate us. My mission was to go to the “New Home” destination but I didn’t succeed. Hopefully someone will receive the SOS signals while I am here on this world.

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List During Development skills And Reviews From Players and Indiedev friends


  • Pleasant graphics visual that appealed to gamers and indiedevs.
  • liked the audio sounds in the game (devlog click here).
  • liked the music background in the game.
  • Many thought this game was relaxing.
  • walking simulator with a Sci-Fi fantasy style.
  • Used free Unity Store assets in the game (devlog click here).
  • Learned to make this game with “Game Dev Unlocked (basics of Unity and playmaker).
  • Used 1 paid Unity Asset “Simple Waypoint System” to move objects in the game (devlog click here).
  • No lag or error problems.
  • My first game in 3D with version 2019 (devlog click here).
  • Received my first donations (devlog click here).
  • Made devlogs about tools, investment, music and sounds.
  • Learned about lightning directional and baking simple with realtime.
  • Navigation bake for AI agent to follow the player.
  • Simple animation active for objects.
  • used collider (box and capsule).
    • Capsule for trees so you won’t get through it.
    • Box collider to interact with objects in the game
  • learn to make a terrain with texture, raise or lower terrain, add trees and grass.
  • How to add Unity Assets in the game.
  • Record images and videos in game with recording tab.
  • Standard Pipeline used in the game.
  • Install Post-Processing in the game and use it in the camera for first-person game object.
  • Add objects to interact with it to finish the game.
  • Used simple particle system.
  • Different cursor for different game objects to interact (example YouTube video explained) (devlog click here).


  • No start main menu (HUD/ UI).
  • No pause menu.
  • Invisible walls has no particle system to see.
  • No animation at doors (animation knowledge minimum).
  • No performance knowledge but the game doesn’t lag.
  • You can press multi objectives in the same time. My Playmaker knowledge was only at learning/ beginner level.
  • Some players/ indiedevs didn’t like the tall grass because it ruins the view of the game in first-person.
  • No controls information for the players.
  • No objectives text mentioned on the screen if the players doesn’t remember what to do after a speech.
  • No saving option (no need for a small game between 15mins – 30 mins gameplay.
  • Unlimited running.
  • Press arrow keys to move and shift to run (no input manager knowledge to change it).
  • No performance check with profiler and other things. (lucky no lag during gameplay).
  • Only 1 scene in the game.
  • Basic programming with Playmaker from what I have learned in Game Dev Unlocked online course.


ITCH.IO TOP 6 for almost week

Graphic view from May 2021 - until May 2023 (Views, Downloads, Donations)

Graphic view for a year (Views, Downloads, Donations)

Why making this game?

I had a small dream to make games but it’s impossible without math and physics. I don’t know how to code and when I found out about “Game Dev Unlocked” on YouTube ad, that you can use visual scripting like “Hutong games Playmaker”, I was happy. There are some games that used Playmaker too. I bought the online course and learned the basics of Unity and Playmaker how it works. Where Is Here? took me 3 weeks to make almost every single day. And got great reviews and downloads for my first game. The IndieDev Community gave me a boost of confidence to make my next 3D game, which is Where Is Here: New Home.

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